How To Join:
  A library membership is free to residents and taxpayers of the town of Kearney and, effective January 1, 2008, Perry Township. Children under 16 are required to have their memberships signed by a parent or guardian. If you don’t live in Kearney or Perry Township, you can join for an annual fee of $10.00.  
Loan Regulations:

You can borrow up to 6 books and 6 magazines for up to three weeks. 

DVDs, Video Games, Launchpad Tablets and WI-FI Hotspots can be borrowed for 7 days only.

Books can be renewed up to 2 times at anytime by e-mail or phone. We have an answering machine for after hours (Except New or Reserved Books).

Each member is responsible for all materials loaned on his or her card and will be billed for loss or damage. If your materials are overdue for 4 months you will lose your Library privileges.

Overdue Charges:

Overdue fines for Books is 10 cents per item per day to a $5..00 maximum per item.

Overdue fines for Videos, DVD’s and Video games is $1.00 per item per day to $10.00 max per item. Replacement cost for DVDs, Videos and Video games will be $30.00 plus a $5.00 administration fee for each.. 

Overdue fines for Launchpad Tablets and WI-FI Hotspots is $2.00 per day with NO MAXIMUM and MUST be returned to the Library IN PERSON.

Replacement cost for Launchpad Tablets and WI-FI Hotspots will be $200.00 for device and/or accessories if damaged.